Friday, February 24 2017

Sporting Gijón - Atlético Madrid 1:4

Hattrick pięć minut. To był zdecydowanie mistrzowski wyczyn napastnik Kevin Gameiro, który zakończył cierpienie na ziemi Atletico Sporting gra solidnie i zorganizował dla gości za trzy punkty. Trener Diego Simeone go następnie przesyłane na polu po godzinie gry. Na szczęście to zrobił, w przeciwnym razie jego 100-te meczu w odtrénovaného zewnątrz LaLize może być bardzo mizerne.

Rok temu udało nam się Gijón, Atletico Madryt i zatrzasnąć przód swoich fanów jest wąsko Unibet pokonanych. A po ostatnim zwycięstwie nad Leganes pewnością ostrzenia zębów innym niespodziewanym sukcesem. Przeciwnik jednak przed wejściem wiosną Lidze Mistrzów pozwól wzgardzi. Ze względu na ciśnienia końcowego końcu stole trzy punkty.

Przez Atletico były prawdopodobnie nieco bardziej aktywny w sumie jednak wiele razy, że nezadařilo terminal. Pierwsza szansa przyszedł Griezmann, który prowadził piłkę z lewej strony, ale ruszył tuż obok. Dziewięć minut później, kierując się w stronę dalekiej trzymać Ángel Correa, ale nawet nie trafił spodziewanych woli i przestrzeń.

Wnioski pół czym wyszedł znacznie lepiej Gijon. Naprawdę niebezpieczne głównie Traoré. Najpierw wygrał VIES z Bek Savic, już miał strzelać z nieobciążonym położenie, idealne nogi, ale spadł w ostatniej chwili powracający obrońca Lucas Hernández. Wtedy napastnik z Wybrzeża Kości Słoniowej, nawet trafił w słupek!

Jednak do wprowadzenia drugiej połowie one prawdopodobnie wolą uderzył domu. Minęło zaledwie kilka sekund przed strzał pracował Carrasco, którego próba bramkarz Iván Cuéllar nie może posiadać rękawiczki. Belgijski wtedy sytuacja rozgrywa się, biegł powoli w dół do linii bramkowej i pobliskiej uwagę Nacala dorážkou łatwego meczu.

Chwilę później, ale został ponownie wyrównane. Burgui uciekł po lewej stronie i dośrodkowuje na stanowisko tyłu, gdzie trudno strzał Sergio Álvarez spalonego wszystko na swojej drodze. Home ulubionym długo opór to spotkanie. I nie daleko, przynajmniej z krawatem. W 62 minucie, jednak doszedł do zestawu Gameiro, który kompletnie zawiedli nich zadowolony.

Dziesięć minut przed końcem pobiegł do linii pomocy na pionowej Griezmanna Iván Cuellar przeprowadził się i natychmiast wycelował. Zaledwie minutę później zwiększył swoją przewagę Atletico strzał w długi róg. A potem Gameiro hat-trick uszczelnione trzy minuty później, gdy po ucieczce znowu skończył wraz Iván Cuellar.

Deportivo La Coruña - Deportivo Alavés 0:1

A penalty Manu García decided victory at Alaves soil La Coruna. Both teams met three times already this year, and both the autumn and the new year in the Copa del Rey match always ended in a draw. He gave therefore be expected cliffhanger even now, which only confirmed. The difference between the two teams in the table has increased to a whopping eleven points.

Home after a short Christmas break still find their way to victory. But what is for them the moment worse, it's really the third defeat in a row. Charges Gaizka Garitana still can not break away further from the relegation zone, from which is divided by only three points. Guests on the contrary, thanks to this success has stabilized its position in the middle of the table.

The first major chance of the game fell Deportivo la coruňské. Just before the penalty websites of the bookmakers area he adjusted the ball on the left hand Kakuta sharply and fired, but his misfortune hit the post. Do not, however, the team coach Mauricio Pellegrino won, because the dorážce forged Juanfran, but brilliantly against his header hit the goalkeeper Fernando Pacheco.

On the other hand, for the first time strongly shook Deyverson, who raced into a separate escape, ran up to the immediate vicinity of the goalkeeper Germán Lux, but criminally overplayed. Neither team was able to push the end of the half corner kicks, but in neither case after them overturning moments occurred.

Neither the beginning of the second act actually brought nothing major. And basically up to 67 minutes really angered La Coruna Judge Jaime Santiago. It should be noted that he was probably right, because Raul Albentosa really grabbed his arms after penetrating Manu Garcia. Not only does the home defenders conceded a yellow card, but still kicking a penalty kick.

His execution proceeded to myself fouled and simply wrong. The answer is Branquiazuis failed to find. Alavés confirmed that his defensive work in LaLize definitely belongs to the better ones, and keep a clean sheet until the end. In conclusion, moreover, could lead insure Manu García, but his header fantastically destroyed Germán Lux.

Real Madrid - Espanyol Barcelona 2:0

Better return to the field Gareth Bale could not represent. Welsh superstar jumped for the first time after a three month absence for the competition's best player Real Madrid and now the goal contributed to the final victory of 2: 0 against Espanyol Barcelona. White ballet and continue to defend first place in the league table, despite having played just two matches less.

Bale twenty seven years on the grass looked since November last year, when it was knocked out of the game ankle injury, which also required surgery. But as an offensive midfielder for Real testified immediately after entering the pitch when they ran onto Iscův its passport and found himself alone blow eight minutes before the end he hung up, he is already back in shape. Real already at that time led 1: 0 thanks to Álvaro Morata trEF of the first half and after this triumph, holding on to a second four-point lead Barcelona. The Catalan giant, this can reduce the deficit again on Sunday, when it will compete with the newcomer from Leganés.

Given that Real played during the week of the eight-finals of the Champions League against Napoli, coach Zinedine Zidane made a number of changes in the starting lineup. So they get off Karim Benzema and Luka Modrić, while players like Marcelo with Casemiro only stayed on the bench of substitutes.

At the first big chance of the spectators had to wait until the end of the opening half-hour, when in a good shooting position got Cristiano Ronaldo, but his ground shock to the feet nabíhajícího Morato still visiting defense managed to stop a Ronaldo goal from the subsequent corner kick was not recognized because of offsides.

In the thirty-third minute already a favorite but still lived to see. Isco got the right wings too much time and space to send a perfect cross towards Álvaro Morata, who was right in the air and placed header opened the scoring.

Although Real continued to dominate the game room and your opponent almost to nothing ventured, however, accurate shots on goal produced so few, and so close the lead lasted until the final desetiminutovky when any doubt about the distribution points scattered alternating Gareth Bale. At the set time he could still carve out a penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo, which knocked Aaron Martin, but instead judges mistakenly whistled offside Portugalcův, and so the game ended in victory for Real Madrid 2: 0th

Wednesday, February 22 2017

De basta unga spelarna KAN 2017

Yuri usynin belyser unga spelare i sina landslag i Sydafrika-Vm, som kommer att följas upp noggrant av scouter från den majoritet av klubbar i Europa.
Stora turnering lag är alltid en stor möjlighet att titta på ett par duktiga spelare som ännu inte har blivit superstjärnor. För det första kan du visa dem alla på en turnering, och för det andra, att testa i strid förhållanden, de viktigaste matcherna. Naturligtvis bör vi inte dra långa-varaktiga slutsatser om intryck från några av slagsmål, men vissa slutsatser kommer att vara synliga för blotta ögat. Afrikanska ungdomar är ganska lönsamt att locka till sig: de är relativt Europeiska spelare på samma nivå är mindre krävande i frågor som rör lön, åtminstone tills de blev stjärnor, de flesta av dem väl fysiskt utvecklade och har en stark önskan att Uttrycka sig. Nu kanske den yngre generationen av Afrikaner inte så duktig som jag skulle vilja, men urvalet i samband med generationsskifte på en gång bästa lag på kontinenten är ganska bred, och bland dem har någon att sätta ögat. Låt oss se vem som kan imponera chefer för de stora klubbarna så mycket som på sommaren någon från listan nedan kommer att gå med på en svindlande resa in i vissa elite club.
Bara överens om att du inte kommer att se killar som Baba Rahman eller Bertrand Traore som hör till sådana topp klubbar som Chelsea, men lånas ut till lägre lag.
Frank Cassie Ålder: 20 år Laget: elfenbenskusten Klubb: Atalanta
Kanske en av de mest kända unga spelare i den mörka kontinenten nu uppmärksammas av de bästa italienska lagen. Killen som nyligen fyllde 20 år gammal, och han är redan en av de viktigaste spelarna i laget-öppnandet av säsongen i Serie A. Ursprungligen Elfenbenskusten spelade på den position som försvarare, men på grund av relativt liten betydelse, han flyttades till mittlinjen. Du skulle tro att han, liksom många Afrikaner, det finns vissa problem med tekniken, men det är det inte – med den boll han är på. Dock nackdelar har någon brådska och samtidigt försöka fånga bollen, vilket Cassie ofta bryter mot reglerna.
Atalanta föredrar att spela på 4-3-3 formation, vilket ansvar Mittfältare kommer att höjas ytterligare. Men, uppenbarligen, Frank är inte bara redo för att vara en ledare, men har de egenskaper som krävs av en spelare som är länken mellan försvar och attack. Fysisk styrka (betclic se), energi och uppfinningsrikedom för att tillåta honom redan vid så ung ålder att bli en av de största förhoppningar av favoriterna i turneringen.
Keita Baldé Ålder: 21 år Landslaget: Senegal Klubb: Lazio
Som Cassie, baldé är en dark horse i varje mening av ordet, eftersom den, åtminstone i Italien, det är bra att veta. Kille ingenting, och han är den fjärde säsongen i Rom, som var tillbringade minst 20 matcher. Och statistiken för unga yttern är ganska anständigt: för hälften av säsongen hade han nått sitt rekord för mål med fem. Och är bara två poäng i systemet mål + pass från det bästa resultatet i karriären enligt denna indikator – 10.
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Valmistunut Marseille on pitkaan ollut johtava roolit

Valmistunut Marseille on pitkään ollut johtava rooli maajoukkueen ja on jo onnistunut nähdä puolivälierissä world Cup. Kuitenkin mieleenpainuvin hänelle on lopullinen Afrikkalainen Cup of Nations kaksi vuotta sitten, kun hänen joukkue hävisi seuraamuksia Cote d ' ivoire. Sam ayew sitten pelataan shokki turnauksen ja hänen tavoitteensa on rikki, miten hänen joukkueensa. Mutta vaikka he teki maalin rangaistuspilkulta ei riitä otsikko. Kyyneleet Andre tuli yksi ikimuistoisimmista kuvia lopullinen.
Iässä 27 Aya ei ota kokemus: hän on yli 70-esiintymisiä varten maajoukkueen, muun muassa. Hän on todellinen johtaja musta tähteä. Ja jos Asamoah Gyan ei ole se, että jälleen ilmetä Ghanalaisten, vanhaan Andre ei ole epäilystäkään. Oman maajoukkueen inspiroi häntä, ja hänen motivaationsa ylittää saavutuksia viime KAHN voimakkaasti kuin koskaan. Jean Michael Seri
Joukkue: côte d ' ivoire Club: Nizza (Ranska) Sijainti: Keski-keskikenttäpelaaja
Menestys "kiva" viime vuonna ja puoli liittyy läheisesti nimi Seri. Hyvin harvat tavalliset kansalaiset odottivat häneltä jotain ymmärrettävää, mutta Norsunluurannikon on yhtäkkiä tullut keskeinen osa mekanismia joukkue. Vaikka muutos valmentaja ei ole muuttunut tämä todellisuus: ilman koko sarja eksyy kulkee peli, ja standardien edessä tavoite dramaattisesti tullut vähemmän tehokkaita.
Ei sanoa, että Seri on jo tullut supertähti, mutta maajoukkueessa on tärkeä rooli. Afrikka-tämä pelaaja liian hyvin perehtynyt taktiikkaa ja liian jyrkkä matching peli. Älä odota vertailuja Iniesta, mutta suhteen ominaisuudet kenttä sisältää täydellisen kopion kuuluisa Espanjalainen.
Nyt, kun norsunluurannikko piti muuttaa sukupolvien (Drogba, Toure veljekset ovat pitkään poissa), Jean-Michael voisi olla johtaja, ja jopa koristelu tämä joukkue. Hänen luovan ajattelun riippuu tarjonnan hyökätä ryhmän tavoitteet, ja siksi sen rooli menestyksen norsuja on suuri.
Khalid Bouchaib
Maajoukkue: Marokko Club: "Strasbourg" (Ranska) Sijainti: keskus-eteenpäin
Olen iloinen voidessani sanoa, että Marokko koostuu usein supertähtiä. On olemassa, tietenkin, Mehdi Benatia, mutta yksi hänen vähän. Tällainen tähti voisi olla sofiane Butal, mutta jalkapallo, "Southampton" nyt vammoja ja auttaa hänen joukkue, hän ei voi. Mutta se on varjo sankareita, jotka voivat ottaa rooli ensimmäinen viulu.
Jos Afrikkalainen joukkue on johdossa hervé Renard, se automaattisesti väittää otsikko. Kaksi viimeistä Afrikan Cupin hän voitti Sambian kanssa (!) ja norsunluurannikko. Nyt sinun on ymmärrettävä, miten odotukset hyppäsi lions Atlas. Tämä on huolimatta siitä, että Marokkolaiset 40 vuotta ei KANG.
Renard on persoona voi paljastaa uusia nimiä. Bouchaib täydellinen johtajan rooli. Ja anna hänen pelata vain League 2, mutta hän tulokset ja hankkeita niiden vaikutus joukkue. Viime kaudella hän sai maistaa League 1 ja tuntui ihan hyvin. Ja hän meni liu ' uta sitten, saada säännöllinen ottelun käytännössä. Khalid on nyt luottavainen ja on hyvässä kunnossa, niin on valmis seuraamaan häntä.

Et ar senere, Espanyol var henvist fra Eksempler.

Kamerun har, tvert imot å få fart under ledelse av den Sovjetiske trenere – Valery Nepomnyashchy og Lev Brovarsky. Men portene var å beskytte en annen spiller. Joseph-Antoine bell, aka Jo-Jo, med alder, onkel Jo-Jo, og ble sitert i Afrika ikke mindre enn hans nesten samme alder som N Kono. Det bell ble kåret til beste keeper av kontinentet av det tjuende århundre. I 1982, det året Joseph-Antoine var også inkludert i programmet til Cameroonians, men se på alle kamper fra benken. Vår rivalisering med bell aldri gikk utover team og har alltid vært i grenser for anstendighet. Joseph aldri schemed meg, det er en synd å ta anstøt av meg. Vi har et flott forhold. Snakke på telefonen, snakker om dette, og at. Konkurransen om plass – noe hverdagen i fotball. Gate alene, og noen utfordrere. For world Cup i Italia, er det bell gikk som den viktigste. N Kono ble tatt Nepomniachtchi i stor grad for tidligere tjenester. Afrikanere arvet en vanskelig gruppe – regjerende verdensmester med det Argentinske landslaget av Diego Maradona, sterk Rumenere og Vice-mester i Europa, SOVJET-landslaget. Kampen lagene Argentina og Kamerun åpnet programmet for mesterskapet. Men hvor er den skinnende speil-som skallet Bella? Ved utgangen av lions ble oppdaget igjen falmet bukser N Kono. – Jeg dro til Italia som en ny keeper. Joseph spilte hele kvalifiserende turnering, vant det franske mesterskapet med Marseille. Jeg har ikke den beste fasen av sin karriere. Men i spillet med Italia, Valerie (Tom uttaler navnet på Valery Kuzmich i den franske måte) plutselig bestemte seg for å satse på meg. Jeg gikk ut og gjorde ikke glipp av en eneste ball. Og så spilte hele turneringen. Cameroonians deretter tok, slå verdensmestere. Så i en hard kamp ble slått Romania og Cameroonians første av de andre Gruppene klarte å kvalifisere seg fra gruppen. I det tredje spillet, lions kom under den varme hånden av SOVJET-laget som tapt av den tiden den virkelige sjansene for en avkjørsel i sluttspillet. Våre spillere ble levert Volum fire ubesvart mål. – Etter den tid har vi allerede sikret seg ut av gruppen, så han tillot seg selv å slappe av. Husk at spill jeg sjelden gang kan slippe inn fire mål. Men det var bare en episode i livet til den største av alle landslag i Kamerun. Russiske trenere Valerie og Leo gjort et mirakel. Laget oss tro på oss selv. Så vi nådde kvartfinalen, hvor de tapte mot Britene i lik kamp. Kamerun var virkelig en dekorasjon heller kjedelig-vm. I kvartfinalen lions i ekstra tid brøt motstanden i den andre åpningen av turneringen – landslaget i Colombia. I kvartfinalen av de sterkeste i den siste førti årene England bare i ekstra tid, med hjelp av en straff klarte å få overtaket. Laget av Valeriy nepomnyastchy inn i åtte av de sterkeste lagene i verden, og det ble en stor suksess. Hjemme, fotballspillere ble ønsket velkommen som helter, og kallenavnet "løver" lagt tilnavnet – "ukuelig". Hvis det viktigste Kamerunsk helten i 1982 ble Kalt Kono, nå Tom har felles ære med udødelige Roger Milla og Emmanuel Kunda, representanter for den nye generasjonen Francois Omama Biocom og Sillem Makanaki. Han savnet ikke en tilfeldig mål, som er åtte år såret, og så mange som ni i fem kamper. Men, han som Kalles Kono elsker vm i 1990. Trenger jeg si hvorfor? På sitt tredje vm i USA 39-åringen N Kono gikk som arbeidsledige. Kontrakten med den spanske "Valencia" har utløpt, så du kan matche praksis er ikke nok. Fikk sin sjanse 38-Deni bell. Cameroonians spilt uavgjort 2:2 med Svenskene da gått tre ubesvarte mål fra det Brasilianske laget. Etter kampen trener Franskmannen Henri Michel hadde en diskusjon med bjelle. Fra hovedstaden i Kamerun kalt medlemmer av regjeringen ble bedt om å sette på en kamp med russiske lag Kalt Kono. Jeg spurte Henri Michel ikke satse på dette spillet. Jeg var ikke føler seg bra. Derfor sted i mål ble tatt av Jacques (Jacques-Celestin Songo Om). Etter å ha spilt med laget ditt er jeg veldig sympatisk til Jacques. Jeg ville ikke ønsker å være i hans sted. Alle seks målene var svært vanskelig for keeper, skyldfølelse, Jacques er ikke i noen av dem. Det russiske laget så smalt igjen døren hennes pridemov Kamerun landslaget. Oleg Salenko scoret fem mål av seks, skriver sitt navn i historien av Vm. De nasjonale lagene i Russland og Kamerun sammen forlatt OSS frustrert. Til tross for at de spilte i en svært tøff gruppe med vinneren og den tredje vinneren.
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In orice alta zi din confruntarea de bronz alergator

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În orice altă zi din confruntarea de bronz alergător sezonul trecut cu league ar fi destul de simpli eveniment: predicția intriga este încă mică, conținutul și scenariul meciului de ghicit, în general, ușor, și chiar și pentru rezultatul poate fi deosebit de nu-și facă griji. Dar duminică, 11-e – un caz special, pentru că la patru zile după meciul cu tula echipa "Zenith" a jucat în Israel, din primul tur al grupei din Europa League. Fanii "Apogeul", cu o nostalgie vremuri, în duminica seara ca a deschis o veche carte cu o frumoasă legendă. Descrieri de epocă, când o echipă de fotbal în sine spectatori varietate de combinații, formația rafală de creatie si pasiune. Când absolut toți fotbaliștii erau artiști, care în loc de panza era un câmp, iar în loc de pensule – o minge. Având ideologice geniu, în persoana lui Andrei de Mediafax, iar apoi Miguel Danny, au scris imaginea de ansamblu de fotbal. Luminos, aerian, romantic. Dar, în curând, în atelierul lor a apărut Hulk, și toate i-au dat lor pensule, devenind doar asistenți, pentru el de vopsea sau i materiale noi. Hulk a rămas singurul care a adus în imaginea de conținut, a supravegheat, totul s-a construit în jurul lui. Cu toate acestea, el repede a părăsit atelierul de duminica, din nou, a trebuit să devină artiști. Apoi, ei au apelat la un magician Mircea Lucescu, și el, treptat, i-a eliberat din , trimițându-le creativ cadou. Meciul cu Arsenal definitiv a arătat că legenda în cele din urmă a devenit o realitate, iar în "Zenit" s-a întors spiritul de echipă. Pentru a verifica acest lucru, doar uita-te la protocolul de la ultima întâlnire. În cinci ocazii de gol atacuri șapte diferite de jucători. Cineva a dat de transfer, cineva le , cineva bate din afara careului, cineva în ea a spart și a câștigat un penalty. Astfel că este neapărat nevoie de a găsi Hulk, iar acel ceva va inventa, nu m-a părăsit: fiecare a simțit în sine dreptul de a clădi beneficia de sine sau a partenerilor săi. Din primele minute de albastru-alb-albaștri au inclus creșterea vitezei și înainte. Fotbaliștii de la Arsenal a încercat să joace în aceste condiții, chiar și-au creat mai multe ocazii periculoase, dar cel mai adesea le-a întâlnit, presiunea urmată de selecție mingea. au câștigat mai mult de 60% arte marțiale și cu același indicator în posesia mingii a dominat pe fiecare cadran. Fundașii centrali, practic, nu unul cu celălalt, așa cum este uneori ciudat rusă de fotbal, a dat mingea mai departe, la dezvoltare. În acest sens de către destinatar a putut deveni absolut orice partener, deși în sezonul trecut, au de cele mai multe ori ajungea Hulk. De însoțire defensiva, de asemenea, nu a revenit proiectil în urmă, și a inventat, cum ar fi să-l livreze în atac. Da, riscul de pierdere în astfel de cazuri, este deosebit de mare, dar, în ciuda acestui fapt, procentul exact de viteze de la fost de 90% la 560 de emisiuni. În general, albastru-alb-albaștri au petrecut aproape perfect meciul. Am marcat un gol rapid, în prima au fost 2:0, iar după încă trei. Deși important rămâne faptul că rivalii lor doar s-au întors din a COMPETIȚIEI și, evident, mult mai jos în sala de clasă. Este demn de a spune că acest joc a devenit un important punct de raport, nu numai pentru noi, "Apogeul" ca echipă, dar și pentru unii jucători specifice. După trecerea în spaniolă "Valencia" la Sankt-Petersburg sa apărător din "Rostov" – Ivan . Pentru "Apogeul" apariția în componența rus central – un eveniment remarcabil. De obicei, conducătorii și antrenorii au încredere în această poziție doar pentru străini, care în ultimul timp s-a schimbat destul de multe, dar au rămas puțini. În 2008, francezul a fost singurul pentru mulți ani de , legitimat în acest rol. Adevărat, nu foarte de succes, ne amintim cu toții fraza despre "nu e de nivelul echipei".
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Monday, February 20 2017

De la paris si la londra fericire

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Ciclul de Laurent funcție de distanța dorită de la Paris s-a încheiat cu un legată vs Manchester City în sezonul trecut. 3-5-2 au devenit un nou , care poate în condiții de siguranță pentru a pune la loc de orice fan PSG. Ei bine, sau cel puțin să-l scoată din sărite. În ciuda de a răsturna conducerea s-a înțeles că zilele de francez de un mentor în club sunt numărate, și cu debutul verii au preferat să plătească o penalitate în 22 (!) milioane de euro , doar pentru a face loc pe banca postul pentru Unai emery atunci. a sosit de la Paris cu ambiție și de bun francez. În mod evident, îi plictisește în fiecare an să câștige în Liga Europei, a vrut mai mult. Acest lucru este firesc, cu atât mai mult atunci când vă iese club cu astfel de capabilități. Prin semnarea unui contract de muncă de la paris Saint-Germain, Unai, de fapt, semnat de îndeplinit o sarcină deloc ușoară: mai participat cu succes în Liga campionilor. Președintele clubului Al- pentru a vedea cum echipa sa de la sezon la sezon se bate cu capul de tavan în formă de sferturile de finală, dar, împreună cu aceasta, el înțelege că top-club nevoie de versiunile sfârșitul anului de joc. Amery chemat încă și a pune în joc spectaculos franceze . Despărțit de și David , PSG nu a început să caute noi stelare de jucători de fotbal, și-a întors privirea de la cei de luptători cu care noul mentor sau au avut de a face, fie pe experiența personală a convins de puterea lor. , , , Ben Arfa, Meunier — toate acest lucru este cool, dar aici și nu miros. Dar acest material este suficient pentru a efectua lor de reformă în cadrul echipei și să configurați un mecanism pe cont propriu. Înainte de duel, cu "Arsenal" Amery a declarat că, în ciuda ultimul eșec de multumit de cum a jucat echipa sa. Pe scurt despre faptul că el are în vedere: ultimele două meciuri în campionatul Franței, PSG nu câștigă. Mai întâi, "Monaco" a învățat lecția lor vis-a-vis, iar tur mai târziu la poarta "St " a avut un moment în prelungirile și Robert , pentru a egala. Toate acest lucru a fost însoțită de unele probleme pe muchie. Cavani, de exemplu, acum locuiește în excelentă formă fizică, cu toate acestea, se confruntă cu probleme serioase în realizarea de atacuri. În "" meciul a avut 7 ocazii de gol, dar nici unul la goluri nu a adus. Amery a încercat și , și chiar și Ben Arfa, dar efectul dorit, de asemenea, nu a văzut, prin urmare, a rămas încredere naționalei Uruguayului. Se părea că soarta îi dă Edy pentru răbdare și premiul dă-i înscrie deja în primul minut. Cavani a marcat primul gol din aceasta Liga campionilor, ei bine, unde e mai rece? Dar teatrul absurdului a continuat: de la paris nouă, din nou, nu a realizat o mulțime de lucruri. Cel puțin un hat-trick strecoară afară din mâini vârful de atacuri de la paris Saint-Germain". Că este, ghinion, blestem sau alături de un erou complet dezvățat să marcheze? Campion mondial în 1998, în componența selecționatei Franței Petit a decis să intervină pentru . În opinia sa, este un atacant care joacă un exemplar la presiuni și joacă întotdeauna la maxim. Probabil, tocmai acest lucru îl privează și claritate a minții față de străini poarta, dar Petit sigur că acest lucru va veni cu încredere în sine.
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Tuesday, February 7 2017

Asi každých rodiče přemýšleli o tom

Autor článku: dětské židle

Asi každých rodiče přemýšleli o tom, jak správně vybrat zahrádka pro dítě. Protože je to instituce velmi důležité pro vznik osobnosti a získání důležitých dovedností v prvních letech života. Na co se zaměřit při výběru mš? Druhy školky Pro začátek je třeba pochopit, že zahrady přicházejí veřejné a soukromé. Státní instituce se vyznačují následujícími výhodami:
přijatelné náklady; pohodlné ve všech částech města; vedenou kolektivní; kontrolou ze strany státních orgánů.
Nicméně, vzhledem k velkému přílivu dětí do veřejných sadů je nyní velmi populární soukromé zahrady. Některé z nich umožňují dětem za čas strávený v kapele zvládnout cizí jazyk. Například, soukromá anglická školka , který se nachází v centru Moskvy. V něm všechny děti rozdělit do skupin a aktivně se učí anglický jazyk, což je velmi pohodlné. Soukromé školky liší následujícími vstupy:
individuální přístup k dětem; možnost navštěvovat zahrady pětkrát týdně; malý počet dětí ve skupinách; možnost vybrat si další kurzy pro děti.
Nicméně výstupy ze soukromých zahradách, je to, že nejsou v každé čtvrti města. Takže, některým rodičům se bude muset dopravovat děti do okolních oblastí. Také stojí za zmínku to, že poplatek za služby v takovém školce vyšší než ve veřejném. Na co se zaměřit při výběru školky?
Pokud jste si vybrali zahradu, určitě se párkrát zajdete do něj. Je žádoucí, aby během návštěvy se pokusit dívat se za tím, co se děje na zahradě. Pokud již víte, jaký pečovatel bude vaše dítě, ujistěte se, seznámit se s ním. A právě tento člověk bude trávit se svým batoletem velmi velké množství času.
Další důležitá fáze výběru školky je seznámení s recenzemi o školce ty rodiče, kteří už vodí své děti do dané instituce. To vám umožní vytvořit něco, jaký je názor na fungování školky. Je však třeba pamatovat na to, že názory se mohou lišit. Ujistěte se, že areál mateřské školky bezpečně , aby se děti nemohly opustit sami. Doporučuje se dát přednost těm , které jsou v blízkosti vašeho domova. Pak budete utrácet minimální množství času na cestách. Pokud se u dítěte alergické reakce, je třeba předem říct, o tom, pracovníkům školky, aby zjistili, jak budou řešit tento problém. Zkušený personál okamžitě nabídne řešení problému.
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Ako naučiť dieťa zodpovednosti?

Tiež odporúčame:

Ako naučiť dieťa zodpovednosti? V prvej fáze, je nelogické, aby okamžite načítať pravidelné a dlhodobé záväzky. Nech sa na prvý pohľad to bude občasné krátkodobé úlohy. Po prvé, epizodické objednávky, pozostávajúci z jedného alebo dvoch po sebe nasledujúcich akcií: "Ísť na záchod, vzletu na vlasy a priniesť mi uterák, prosím." Pokyny musia byť veľmi presné, konkrétne a zrozumiteľné aj pre dieťa. A potom, postupne sa komplikuje úlohy, v menšej miere ich podrobne. A podporovať výber režimu činnosti dieťaťa: "Pozrite sa, nie je to čas na vodu kvetinového záhonu? Ak vysušené, polia jej." Tretí. Na emocionálne školská pripravenosť detí možno pripísať na komunikačné zručnosti dieťaťa s okolitých ľudí. Dospelí — známe a neznáme. A s rovesníkmi.
Ak dieťa nie je schopné komunikovať rovnocenne s ich rovesníkmi, to bude nevyhnutne byť v rozpore alebo konfrontácii. Deti tím je pomerne tvrdý a nekompromisný. Preto, v materskej škole, deti potrebné schopnosti spolužitia, priateľstvo a mierové riešenie konfliktov. Je dôležité, aby deti vedeli, ako obhajovať svoj názor, a nie správal aroganciou. Sa tlačil okolo inými deťmi, a zároveň nedovoľte, aby neúctivý postoj. Aby mohla a bola ochotná nájsť kompromisné riešenia v konfliktných situáciách.
Pre tvorbu sociálnych zručností je len jeden spôsob — cvičenia. To je dôvod, prečo, aj keď to nie je potrebné na 4-5 rokov, zmysel usporiadať dieťaťa v materskej škole. Nadobudnúť komunikačné zručnosti s rovesníkmi. Deti sa učia navzájom. A dieťa do praxe učenia uviesť, trvajú na tom, nájsť spôsoby spolupráce, ktoré bude vyhovovať ako mu a hráčov.
Komunikácia v klubov a skupín predčasného vývoja poskytuje účinnosť v tvorbe komunikačných zručností, pretože majú deti málo času na slobodnú komunikáciu, sú vzájomne prepojené niečo so sebou. Viac komunikujú s tréner alebo učiteľ. Problémy v komunikácii so spolužiakmi zvyčajne nevyskytujú vo veľkej rodiny, alebo ak vaše deti majú veľa priateľov z približne rovnakého veku.
S 4-5 ročných detí je efektívna metóda, diskusia, situácie, skutočný alebo vymyslený. Vyberte čase, keď nie ste v zhone, a dieťa v náladu hovoriť. Opýtajte sa o tom, ako komunikuje s priateľmi. Čo priťahuje ich a čo je to mať rád. Ako sa urovnať konflikty. A rozobrať jednu z týchto prípadov. Konkrétne, že ďalšie podmienky, ktoré komplikujú prijatie optimálnych rozhodnutí. Nech si myslí, snaží sa vyberie, hovorí. Hrať túto situáciu s hračkami.
Vžite sa do role druhého dieťaťa. Ak viete, že vaše dieťa sa môže zobraziť tvrdohlavosť, agresie, alebo konať, vziať na rolu dieťaťa. Ak vaše dieťa vidieť, ako to vyzerá z vonku ako ťažké a frustrujúce s týmito deťmi, aby priateľmi. Dal ho v situácii, keď on sám bude musieť prekonať negatívne vlastnosti, ktoré on má tendenciu byť. Povedzte nám, v úlohe, cíti, čo chce, je ďalšie dieťa. Toto bude učiť svoje tvrdohlavý nielen počuť priateľ, ale aj pochopiť ich vlastné potreby a pocity.
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Monday, February 6 2017

Paris Saint-Germain - OGC Nice

Predatory of young stars packed Nice vs. PSG. These rivals in the fight for the title certainly did not donate. Especially household must win not only to be dragged back into first place. Their disgrace in the Champions League against Ludogorci a previous defeat in Montpellier severely rattled their confidence. Guests conversely won three times in a row.

The difference between the two teams is four point. If Parisians able to confirm the role of favorite, which was primarily bookmakers predetermine, in turn, will fight for the first position really tangled. At the moment it is at the very forefront of Monaco, which during the Saturday afternoon four goals easily vypráskalo Bordeaux.

When before this season has left Cote d'Azur after four years of coach Claude Puel, who swapped sunny environment for a rainy Southampton, few believed he would Lucien Favremu managed to establish a relatively successful Puelovo period. So far, however, it shows that the correct choice. Indeed, he actually exceeds its predecessor.

In essence, this Nice nezadařilo not only in the European league in which it Although Thursday least partially got better taste and defeated Krasnodar, his falling out of the main groups, however, this result had no effect. The past two league tournaments, then went to Les Aiglons one, beat out unpleasant Guingamp and then tutored easily Toulouse.

Nice after sixteen rounds played league can boast with only ten goals in the collected best defensive entire league. Nor forward it is not in his submission at all bad, moreover, would now be able to return to the starting lineup rebel Mario Balotelli, which in November knocked out of the game injured calf.

Against Krasnodar played only the first half, his condition is simply not in the ideal frame of mind. "A little ache him both calves. But it's nothing serious. It was more fatigue," he assured the visiting strategist. "We planned that it will replace about half. I do not know if the board in Paris. It is important to keep in balance."

Recent guests have succeeded in Princes Park in 2009. This time, they can take advantage of a poor form of his opponent, which is also under tremendous pressure. And above all, coach Unai Emery that the general public still convinced that is the right successor Laurent Blanka. The last two matches for his team fell really disastrously.

Nice if won, would have delayed its competitor as opposed to seven points. It is unthinkable for Emery. "Against Ludogorci we made mistakes, for which we have paid hard. We were able to turn our chances," midfielder Blaise Matuidi was sad. "But we found many positive things. We in the match against Nice to respond."

The key question is what kind of disposition Parisian strategist eventually chooses. It will be more ingrained 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 with Hatemem Ben ARFO who would have played against his former club, where to Paris in the summer transgressed? Either way, the front will surely appear Edinson Cavani, top scorer Ligue 1, whose goals are Parisians lot lately addicted.

AS Saint-Étienne - EA Guingamp

SR  futbal Slovenský pohár ViOn Zlaté Moravce  FK Senica  NRXSt. Etienne är verkligen mycket uppmuntrad av torsdagens seger på Anderlecht, vilket gör fäste första plats i gruppen. Dock är Ligue en inte Unibet mer än en månad optimal komfort och föll i mitten av bordet. Bekräfta sin framgång EM mot Guingamp kommer inte att bli lätt alls. Opponent ligger på femte plus kallt bord.

I Belgien tränare Christophe Galtier visade modiga prestanda. För första halvåret var att förlora med två mål, men målet i de tre minuter mellan tolv rivas seger på sin sida. Sedan slutet av oktober faktiskt visade sin bästa prestanda. Fram till dess lyckats vinna Unibet endast i den fjortonde omgången av vinden Angers.

För en vecka sedan gick Les Verts fel ligamatch mot Rennes säkert och välförtjänt föll i Bretagne. "Det var en av de värsta spelen vi har spelat i år," čertil inhemska strateg. "Mina spelare inte kan rätta till de misstag som sina lagkamrater. Om vi ​​fortsätter så här kommer vi att ha en hård tid", säger han Unibet muttrade att laget inte drar samma rep.

Även Galtier inte kan vara tillgängliga Fabien Lemoineho, Vincent Pajot och Robert Beric, vars start är inte uteslutande kan faktiskt distribuera och oftast stark komposition. Utöver den kort efter dvouzápasovém bestraffning Unibet returnerar Kévin Malcuit, som bör få på den högra sidan av försvaret. Säker på att han kommer att sakna bara Ronaël Pierre Gabriel.

Liksom sin motståndare, även Guingamp i november inte exakt blomstrade. Av de fyra matcher under denna period gynnades bara tre poäng. Men i den sista omgången har han redan korrigerat sitt rykte och avverkade framför sina egna fans som plågar Nantes. Fortfarande så verkliga syftet med de Unibet europeiska koppar, som innan säsongen verkligen inte räknas.

Reynald Lemaitre, Sloan Privat och Nicolas Benezet på Stade Geoffroy-Guichard inte införa. Även om det är långt tillbaka bek Dorian Leveque, hans start efter en lång paus ganska heller. "Jag har väntat på detta när vi tar ledningen, vi hålla det ända till slutet, och dessutom kommer vi att öka klyftan" glatt Unibet utvärderas engagemang tränare innan Antoine Kombouaré - bästa spelbolaget.

Olympique Lyon - Stade Rennes

Definitely an interesting encounter will start Sunday's seventeenth round of Ligue first Lyon and Rennes are currently major competitors in the battle for the Cup partitions, the difference between them is only a two-point. Guests last year on the grounds of the French giant and have won only reason that something similar could not believe it even now.

While most attention is in the French top division focused on the battle for the title of which scrambles trio Monaco, PSG and Nice, Rennes footballers as if quietly leapt up to fourth place behind them. Last beat St. Etienne, the last nine games lost only twice, in Paris and in the derby with Loriento.

Brittany would in winter could visit one very interesting name. For Real Madrid could come Norwegian talent Martin Odegaard, whose summer transfer vetoed strict standards regarding FIFA players under eighteen years of age. "There is no offer for him but we have not yet. Just to see how it will be in January," said Rennes sporting advisor Mikaël Silvestre.

If guests at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais lose a, their rivals in the table in front of him let go. There they will Clement Chantome, but gradually has been given to the cluster Mexer, on the other hand, due to the card penalties will be missing captain Pedro Mendes and Pedro Henrique. Pets are up to the injured Christophe Jallet in full force.

Lyon in the Champions League fought bravely to advance to the eight-finals, but Sevilla had two goals could not slay. Thankful must take at least spring Europa League. "I'm proud players," not blame his team coach Bruno Genesio. "Opponents are preserved. And it is also a triple winner of the European League."

The last league duel on the ground Met nedohrál and will have a sequel to the French Commission. Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes was stricken with firecrackers, but should not have lasting consequences. "We showed that we can face the best teams in Europe. Now we will focus only on the league," he added Genesio after the match against Sevilla.

Dobierając dobre buty dla małej księżniczki

Autor: krzesełka dla dzieci
Każda mama, która nie tylko dba o zdrowie swojej córki, ale i również chce z niej rozwijać stylowe lady, stara się kupować tylko wysokiej jakości i modne rzeczy. Od wczesnego dzieciństwa należy zaszczepić dziecku poczucie smaku do odzieży i obuwia. Szczególnie uważnie trzeba podchodzić do wyboru ciepłych butów, a mianowicie buty. W sklepie internetowym ShopFox można zapoznać się z szerokim asortymentem obuwia dziecięcego na wszystkie pory roku. Tutaj znajdziesz produkty dla różnych grup wiekowych. Jeśli chcesz kupić wysokiej jakości buty od znanego producenta, należy odwiedzić stronę sklepu. W katalogach znajdziesz różne modele butów do zimy, wiosny i jesieni. Na wszystkie towary program przystępne ceny. Jakość, wygoda i styl – najważniejsze parametry przy wyborze butów dla dziewczyn
Dobierając dobre buty dla małej księżniczki trzeba wziąć pod uwagę cechy fizjologiczne rosnącego organizmu. Stopa dziecka rośnie, z tego powodu rodzice powinni być ostrożni przy zakupie butów. Buty dla dziewczynki muszą być wysokiej jakości, wygodne, i zgodne z materacem standardów. U każdej dziewczynki od najmłodszych lat zaczyna kształtować postawy i chodu, i aby rozwój odbywało się prawidłowo, należy dobrać nie tylko piękne buty, ale i wziąć pod uwagę wskaźniki ergonomiczne. Rozważmy główne cechy dobrych butów dla dziewczynek.
Materiały do produkcji obuwia dziecięcego powinny być naturalne i wysokiej jakości, czyli odpowiadać zalecanej normy. Najlepiej, jeśli buty dla dziewczynki będą ze skóry, zamszu lub nubuku.
Buty dla dzieci powinny być na wzorcach, które zostały zatwierdzone lekarzami ortopedii.
Wewnątrz buty powinny być miękkie tkaniny, które przepuszczają powietrze, aby wewnątrz nie powstał "efekt cieplarniany". Dużą rolę odgrywa jakość i wkładki.
Jeśli buty mają obcas, to jego wysokość nie powinna być duża. On musi spełniać medycznych. Dotycząca podeszwy, to ona powinna być miękka i elastyczna. Projekt butów dla dziewczyn również ważny parametr. Jeśli chcesz się nauczyć tworzyć harmonijny obraz, należy odebrać mu stylowe i piękne rzeczy. To pozwala rozwijać zmysł estetyczny, dzięki któremu twoja córka w przyszłości będzie wytwornej damy. Asortyment sklepu pozwala to zrobić i kupić mojej dziewczynie najlepsze buty.
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Sunday, February 5 2017

Liberec deixa Hadaščok ou Nitriansky retorno poderia Bosancic

snejder.jpgEm Slovan Liberec tem para a parte da mola da contagem temporada com os atacantes Miroslav Markovic, Vojtech Hadaščok e defensor Milan Nitrianským. Todos os três têm o clube permanecerá contrato válido, mas a gerência disse-lhes que eles têm que olhar para compromissos em outros lugares. No site oficial do clube, disse o diretor esportivo Jan Nezmar.

O outono parte da equipe participante da Liga Europeia continuará até meio-campistas Igor Súkenník e Filip Lesniak, que termina hospedagem. Liberec, possivelmente, deixar os outros meio-campistas Jan Sykora, sobre o qual existe um grande interesse.

"Vários clubes checas com nós neste momento é. Mas até agora não estamos com qualquer pessoa em qualquer acordo final, onde poderíamos dizer que é esta ou aquela direção", disse Nezmar triplicado para o endereço do representante. De acordo Nezmaři é a probabilidade de que deixa Sykora, mais de cinquenta por cento. Slovan seria dvaadvacetiletého meio-campista também queria ter um jogador substituto.

reforço New Old Liberec, que na primavera vai querer melhorar significativamente o décimo terceiro lugar na tabela classificativa, poderia tornar-se Miloš Bosančić. O médio sérvio jogou por todo o norte da Boêmia de 2009 a 2013. A última vez que ele estava na Tailândia.

"Milos ato. Mesmo quando eu joguei, então eu o considerava um dos futebolistas mais brilhantes e talentosos com quem eu já conheci. Eu acho que já percorreu um longo caminho. Ele precisava de comparar a sua abordagem ao futebol, endireite sua cabeça. E eu acho que aconteceu. era um olhar aqui em Liberec e até mesmo visto pessoalmente o nosso jogo na Grécia. Milos é um jogador que pode nos ajudar. vamos ver como as negociações vir ", disse Nezmar - more informations.

Friday, February 3 2017

Which the guests won by ten points

Chris Bosh to 20 points added 19 rebounds for the Bulls was the best scorer with 21 points Carlos Boozer. An important factor for the final result was also different cadres serenity, substitutes bench Heat surpassed Chicago in the ratio 36: 8th Domestic played since the second quarter without pivot Mohammed Nazri, who was disqualified for intentionally hitting a game interrupted James. The incident preceded his foul on James but who responded oplácením, for which he was sentenced to a technical error.

The main architect of the victory of San Antonio, Tony Parker with 32 points, Tim Duncan contributed 23 points and 10 rebounds. Spurs team succeeded for the first time in the series significantly eliminate opponents shooter Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Those in the previous two games, scored a total of 63, or 56 points, this time over a good defense got only 33 points. "We are now lapping, they did not have such a good shooting night," said coach Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. His team had success shooting over 50 percent, the opponent did not get to čtyřicet.BRANKÁŘ Ondrej Pavelec 8 Give thanks to him and nobody else. As one has come to fight, not on a pilgrimage.

The defender Zbynek Michalek 3 Although it had fooled by the second goal, but it is the second best shooter ... Ladislav Smid 3 second goal also goes to his notch, but there were also moments when emotions show. DIRECTLY from Stockholm | Even after he came plodding victory over Slovenia (4: 2) among the journalists began, "Thank Pavelec! It was incredible what caught ... "Also, striker Jan Hejda 2 ...

Especially at the beginning of his

Slovenians make trouble. Later, with the leveled. Jakub Nakládal 2 Sooner excelled militancy, now he can discern, he misses his shot wide. Petr Čáslava 3 Average power that is lost in the misery of other teammates. Zdenek Kutlák least three times took the puck and tried to threaten the Slovenian goal. It's possible, do not worry! A positive attitude radiates from Tomas Plekanec, fresh reinforcements for the national team championship světa.Toužebně expected medical procedure from Montreal to arrive ...

Jakub Voracek 3 pass on two goals, few events away, but I can be of two classes better ... Petr Vrana - With Elite Lines were the second Slovenian goal, then got hit in the head pit. Jiri Hudler 3 tried to think of something, although sometimes unnecessarily. Above all, he gave an important goal. Zbynek Irgl 2 did not lead him. It's an honest hard worker, but lost in the terror team.

Jiri Novotny 3 No glory, but gave reassuring goal for which they are issued where it hurts. DIRECTLY from Stockholm | What the He caught it! And only interventions Ondrej Pavelec Czech hockey players can be thankful for, that they Slovenes, especially in the first period has poured a bundle ... John Smith 3 team tried to energize insolence and work in front of goal. But he soon allowed. Jiri Tlusty 2 with a puck played mainly around the boundaries. Screened at the third Czech intervention.

Seen by Experts "They decide goalies. And ours is better, "performed divination horror after the first third of the match with Slovenia (2: 2) The former coach of world champions Josef Augusta. The Czechs finally ... Radim Vrbata 2 Symbol misery. Unable to get to the finish, to devise a single decent thing. Martin Hanzal 2 Managed weakening.

Sport Magazine will offer 60 pages of just about championship

As a gift supporter stickers on the car. MORE HERE chose correctly. This bunch of us at the World Cup in 2013 will not do shame, all names are on the roster law. With the decision of the coach Alois Hadamczik hockey experts agree ... 19:21 Czech ice hockey team has trained for the first time in Stockholm, the venue of MS are lacking three reinforcements from Phoenix. MORE HERE 19:21 Czech ice hockey team has trained for the first time in Stockholm, the venue of MS are lacking three reinforcements from Phoenix.

Frenchman Paul has a hilarious but challenging year. Representation but had already postponed twice during the month of sandy fun. More »Czech ice hockey team departed on May 1 to Sweden for MS. Target? Medal! Jan Barak, Stephen Black (iSport TV) 13:21 Proper surprise almost waiting for the Czech hockey players before departing for the World Championship in Sweden. At the airport is only a few minutes passed with tennis world number one Novak Djokovic!

Read more »11:50 INTERVIEW. Extend a series of three medals in a row, it is the goal of the coach of the Czech national team Alois Hadamczik at the upcoming World Championships. Read more »10:46 BLOG ABOUT sleep. One sentence and such a fuss! The coach Alois Hadamczik in the context of nomination conference Sunday expressed by Vaclav Prospal, 38-year old veteran, who was in the national team jersey for the team always broke, really awkward. And no wonder that the attacker Columbus frothed blood ... more »It was really annoyed and embroiled him emotions. Hockey veteran Vaclav Prospal disgruntled words national team coach Alois Hadamczik motivating the absence of striker ... Eleven players with experience from the World Cup ranked general manager Steve Yzerman nomination to Canada's hockey championship in Stockholm and Helsinki. Headlining ...

But in the cabin it looks like it will be ok. 24:58

Jiri Hudler donning the jersey of the national team after ten long years. This time, as one of the leaders of the team and a member of the elite formations with Jiri Tlusty and James Voračka. MORE HERE 24:01 John Smith shone in Pilsen, where a crucial role in the historical profit track. For the third time in a row to get to the final nominations for the World Championship, this time it Alois Hadamczik included on the roster. MORE HERE 11:15

Czech organizers consider fourth-strongest team of the tournament, the daily Sport, however, tipped the representation of Sweden will bring even silver. MORE HERE 10:49 Looking at the team that put together for this year's battle coach Alois Hadamczik, we can boldly contemplate another medal success, writes the editor in chief of the newspaper Sport Lukas Tomek. MORE HERE Jiri Novotny 5:25 today in the match with Belarus for the first time at the World Championships try what it is like to have a captain's jersey Céčko. Czech captain's 12th at the World Championships, which started an independent Czech national team.

And he has to establish who ... MORE HERE 5:00 HOCKEY MS BEGINS! Czech representation to him enters the game against Belarus (from 16:15). What you need to know about the first opponent Hadamczikova team to the championship? READ HERE 19:30 Tomas Hertl could be a secret trump Czech hockey players at the World Cup. "For some Canadians, I played on the PlayStation," recalls a youth of nineteen. MORE HERE 19:20 for the first time at the World Cup is to the goal of the national team builds Alexander Salak. "As my debut but I do it, I'm in the national team played something," she says. 19:15 Czech number one goalie Ondrej Pavelec believes in Saturday's match against the Swedes dimácím'll be able chytat.

Petr Nedved nor James Smith

Czech team tonight against Švédůmnepomohou, but they are the poster on the front of the hall. Marek Zidlicky would he still could reinforce the national team in Sweden! That would Czech assembly still gave punc..Právě such an offensive defense is lacking. Last year, they chose it and had them remained. Alois Hadamczik arrived with his team at the ice hockey world championships in the same country again in Stockholm and even in the same cabin.

Now ... directly from Stockholm | The second zero representation, excellent performance, high praise from teammates and coach and win premiered at the world championships. Alexander Salak after the match with Belarus ... straight from Stockholm | Ufff. Mainly that it is successfully behind us ... I think that takes Radim Vrbata winning world cup start. "Important win, good start to the tournament," summed up ...

The first match at the World Cup is the most important outcome. And it may be a Czech hockey players after winning 2: 0 against Belarus satisfied. "It is essential in the first ... Tomorrow will catch again Salak, Jana Kovar Hadamczik coach wants to play ball. 18:19 Points are at home! The Czechs have mastered introductory speech, after gólech Vrbaty and Voráček defeated Belarus 2: 0th Goalie Alexander Salak ferret at its premiere at the big event zero!

MORE HERE best players? Voráček, Hanzal, Salak 17:29 Slovaks in the opening game of the championship cool escorted from the ice resulted France 6: 2nd MORE HERE 17:06 Waiting for the first goal of ending soon! Reinforcement of the NHL's initial Jakub Voracek Czech scorer at the championship, though beautiful bomb used a power play 5 to 3. MORE HERE Claude Giroux, a Canadian guy, he spoke with Czech novináři.Cíl? Definitely gold! Who knows, maybe against Voračka board in the final. .. Jiri Hudler you play on the championship after ten letech.A is clear that this time it would not be the eternally laughing mladík.I after defeat ... Ondrej Pavelec odtrénoval skate with the team, but he often went to the doctors on the bench and then stayed longer ..